When your TV watches you

SmartTV owners of British owners recently shocked, because their intimate activities in the family room suddenly spread in pornographic sites on the internet. Investigate-have a search, it turns out SmartTV on display in the family room hacked by strangers and record the activities of the owner during sex activities at home. Therefore, you may also want to use Bug Detector to prevent this kind of a scenario from happening to yourself.

Indeed, if watching television at home alone, people feel no one noticing. At home, people feel in the private sphere, and the general public is outside. But since the spread of Smart-TVs to various homes, the situation is over, as modern Smart-TV not only receives data. They also disseminate the data. This security hole has a negative impact.

“In the case of Smart-TV, users think they are using television, a passive device, which does not do much of it Smart-TVs is actually an active tool, that hears, sees, can keep an eye on what you watch, and what you’re looking for internet if you use it as a ‘browser’, and the greatest danger is: people are not aware People are monitored without realizing it, says Prof. Michael Waidner, from the Fraunhofer Institute for safer information technology – SIT.

Transfer data silently

Every time we turn on Smart-TV or change the program, the television sends inquiries to the television station’s website. If in Germany, from that site people get a clue about data security, warning, that television stations are now collecting data about the user. These instructions are often veiled. People cannot possibly prevent it, and it has an impact.

Marco Ghiglieri, an informatics expert from Technische Uni Darmstadt explains: “Data collection can be used, in order for users to get ads that may be interesting.In more severe cases, health insurance can use data to raise the cost of health insurance, on the grounds: users watch too much television.

Service bidders can create profiles for television users’ habits. If multiple people simultaneously use a television, problems may arise. “Ads tailored to you can look like this: at night you see a movie that involves brutality.Your day after, your child is served ads about certain weapons,” added Marco Ghiglieri.