Ways to Learn to Believe in God

The future, matchmaking, deciding boyfriends, parents, family, health, work, God’s will, and other things can be a worry in our lives. If all the worries were written down, it would be a long list that never finished. Experiencing various concerns can make us so desperate and paralyzed. There are decisions we take because of such great worry, which, when lived, even become a burden in life. Believers often say that belief in God is an adversary for fear. However, sometimes we find it hard to trust God because of various factors. If you want to once again learn to trust that god is real, here’s what you can do.

Learn God’s plan for our lives

God always wants to test us; God will always place suffering without happiness in our lives; happiness does not exist in this world and only there is reached in heaven, so everything that will happen is sadness; God always waits when we slip and sin; thoughts like this are very toxic thoughts, which can make us always think that bad events are like lions ready to pounce on the door.

Such toxic thoughts make us unbelievers of God’s goodness, so we will make a choice based on the fear of trying to “escape the threat of adverse events”. To be honest, someone who is capable of doing everything but planning crime is the most terrible threat because it is impossible to avoid. Fortunately, the God who is capable of doing things never puts a bad job into our lives. Whenever bad and toxic thoughts come to you, remind yourself that God has never meant evil to you, but wants to give you a hopeful future, even though you may not have understood it today. If you begin to see this way, you will live life in a different way. The actions and choices of your life no longer stem from anxiety but come from the ever-open hope before you, and the Lord is his watchman. If you feel incapable of casting out thoughts, cry out to God to help you.