Ways to fix dents in your car that you can try at home

To repair damaged car parts, you can repair your dented car using other methods. How to fix the body of the car that the next dent is to use ice cubes, hair dryer (hair dryer), and wind compressor. All three of these materials can restore the body of your car is dented to its original shape. Meanwhile, you can go to Auto Body Shop Orange County CA if you’re looking for a professional way to repair the dented car of yours.

 The trick is very easy, well following the steps to restore the body of your car is dented by using ice cubes:

Prepare the necessary ingredients

You just need to stick the ice cubes on the part of your car that dented and leave for about 2 minutes.

Wait until the snow-shaped granules form out and around the part of your dented car.

After that remove the ice cubes and use a hair dryer until the part of your car that dent began to disappear.

This way you can do when the condition of your car body is not too badly damaged.

In addition, and can also use Pops A Dent. Often fixing a dented car body by means of heating can damage the car body so it can lead to rust. Sometimes it can even cause the paint to fade. This time you can fix it in a different way. How to fix a car body that other dents can use a special product called Pops A Dent. This product is shaped like a bridge that serves to distribute uniform pressure on all “bridges” to avoid additional risk of damage to the body of your car. Some of the advantages of using this product include:

The trick is very easy, just by pasting and rotating it.

Do not damage the paint on the body of your car.

Can be used for all types of dents that occur in your vehicle.

More cost-effective than bringing it to the workshop.

The car body can come back as before.