Want To Visit The Church? These Magnificent Churches May Be Your Choice

As a place to worship for Christians, some churches have an architectural design that attracts attention and makes people feel at home in it. However, how unique is a church must have an image of Jesus that never gets out of the church wall. This is to make the congregation present always in the shelter of Jesus and remember the sacrifice Jesus gave.

In some countries, there are churches with magnificent designs and make the congregation amazed when visiting there. You who want to see the splendor of the church can also visit and get an amazing spiritual journey. Some of these churches are

1. The Green Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The outer walls of the church were filled with leaves and brown church walls covered with green leaves. This church was established in 1897.

2. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, ??Spain.
This is the largest Roman Catholic church in Spain. This magnificent church even goes into the UNESCO world heritage. Church built in 1882 was designed by an architect named Antoni Gaudi.

3. Duomo Di Milano, Milan, Italy.
this church located in Milan, Italy looks magnificent with a building that is so classic. This church took almost six centuries to complete its construction. This church is the fifth largest church in the world and the second largest in Italy.

4. Westminster Abbey, London.
This church is a gothic monastery church in the city of Westminster, London. The church with this magnificent building was built in 1245 by King Henry III. This church is also called the most important religious building in England.

5. Chartres Cathedral, France.
This church building is considered the best example of French Gothic architecture and entered into the UNESCO world heritage site. That’s great, right? with this magnificent building, this church deserves to enter the world heritage.