Unique, These Are Some Unusual Sand Colors on the Beach

As one of the many tourist destinations visited by people, the beach has a variety of uniqueness that can be seen through the eyes of everyone. To enjoy every inch of the beach, you can use Best Beach Tents. By using a tent that is usually used on the beach, then you will be able to enjoy the beach with great comfort.

Each beach certainly has its own uniqueness is different, one of the uniqueness that usually found on the beach is the color of the sand is different.

1. Green
Not only on drinks alone, there is also sand that has a charming green color. Only a few beaches have this green color. Among them are Hawaii and Guam Tolofofo Beach, United States. The green color is produced because the olivine crystals derived from Pu’u Mahana from lava rocks trapped for tens of thousands of years in Mahana Bay.

2. Pink
There are many pink beaches, including in Indonesia. For example, like Tangsi Beach in Lombok and Red Beach in Komodo National Park. In addition to these two beaches, you should really try to visit Horseshoe Bay in Southampton or Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas. This pink color is usually caused by fragments of coral, shell, and calcium carbonate.

3. Yellow
There are many beaches that have sand with this color. This sand color can be a general color that we often encounter.

4. Gray
In California, there is a beach with gray sand caused by coral wall erosion that occurred over the years. Not only the sand is unique, you can also find a variety of marine animals are rare here.

5. Purple
Have you ever imagined that there is purple sand? The purple color comes from the mixing of quartz and manganese deposits. The mixing comes from the whole wall of the surrounding hill. You can find this purple sand in Big Sur, California.

6. Black
The black and will be so contrasted with the color of clear sea water. This is the attraction itself on the beach that has the color of this sand.