Understand Some of These Things If Work With Contractors

In designing a building, you will usually hire a contractor who can make a complete and perfect construction for the building you need. This will help you in the development process. one of the contractors you can use is Obras Civiles – Constructora. With them, then you will be very helpful in the process of making the right construction design.

In a partnership between contractors and their clients, there are several things to consider in the contract. typically, it will begin with the signature of the employment contract, or an agreement that forms the basis for the process of carrying out the work.

To anticipate misunderstandings, the articles in the contract of employment must be made in detail, systematic, and in plain language. Both the customer and the contractor should pay attention to the agreement made. The things to consider in making the contract are:

– Scope of work, which discusses the scope of work to be done by contractors. The scope of work should be explained in detail about the work to be done.

– The term of employment, which describes the total time of work to carry out the work promised and the explanation of the right to obtain an extension of time for the contractor, provided that certain conditions have been agreed upon by both parties.

– The price of the contractor’s services, which provides an explanation of the value to be paid.

– The mode of payment, which describes the payment phases, the terms of payment, the amount of payments held at each stage, and the consequences in the event of a delay.

– Termination of agreement, describing matters resulting in termination of agreement such as the occurrence of delays exceeding the agreed maximum limit, the right to terminate the agreement, and the consequences of termination of the agreement.

All such contracts must be considered in order for the contract to work very well and be approved by both parties working together. So, paying attention to the employment contract is a thing that should always be done in a cooperation that is done.