Type of Postpartum Things that You Must Have

Have you prepared all of your baby’s future baby supplies? Well, it’s nice! But, do not forget to prepare your needs as well. In addition to your baby candidate, you will also need postpartum equipment such as clothes, sock, postpartum panties, and else. Here are some items you need.

1. Clothing

The most compulsory maternity equipment to prepare is clothing. New mothers definitely need comfortable clothes. Look for clothes made cool, smooth, and loose. You should also consider using a pair of rubber pants because it will be more comfortable for your body condition is still a little pain after childbirth, and use a front-buttoned boss, so it will be easier for you when you want to breastfeed your baby. In addition, you can also prepare socks, because the soles of your feet may become cold due to the unstable body circulation. In addition, you also need special underwear for mothers giving birth. You need to buy 2-4 special breastfeeding bra based 100% cotton wire because it will be more comfortable to use. You also need a new comfortable underwear, not your panties before delivery which is sure to be too small in your body.

2. Breastfeeding Supplies

You also need some things to breastfeed your baby. First, you need a breastmilk pump that can help you expend too much milk production or help you pump out the hard milk out. You also need some empty milk bottles to store your milk. In addition, you also need a nursing pad inserted on each of your bra cups, so your shirt will not get wet if your milk comes out abruptly, or when you’re breastfeeding your baby on one of your breasts. Not only that, breastfeeding can make the skin around your nipples become dry and sore. To overcome this, it’s good if you prepare a special cream for the area of your nipple.