Tips to Protect Your Devices from the Viruses

When you worry about the use of the device like the computer to get attacked by the viruses, it can be a good idea to know more about WeTheAndorned. Having a computer is a must for everyone nowadays because it has a lot of functions such as multimedia and Internet entertainment facilities.

Computers or laptops that have a virus can slow down the performance of the system so it has a sign like the old loading process, the computer often hangs, the battery runs out quickly, hardware components such as processors and harddisk hot so that in the end can shorten the life of a computer. So there must be a solution and a smart way so that the computer does not quickly attack by the virus, the following points, and explanations;

1. Always be Alert Against Flashdisk, Memory and Similar

One of the most frequent ways a virus spreads is through a device that can move around like a flash or external hard drive, always a total scan before you go in and retrieve files from the removable storage media. The type of virus that is usually in the flash is autorun, which more seriously autorun cannot be removed easily if using the free antivirus.

2. Do not Download Random

Based on research by IT experts said that computers that never connect to the Internet have a low risk for the virus, very different from computers that are always connected to the Internet. Viruses such as trojans, worms to malware can easily enter a person’s computer that often downloaded indiscriminately.

3. Always Enable Firewall

Especially if your computer is always connected to the network, a firewall is like a barrier wall for viruses, malware or hackers who want to hijack your computer through the internet network. A firewall can decide whether a computer can connect to a network or block it. The effectiveness of the firewall depends on the configuration and how the user in setting filter settings.