Tips for making your juicer last for a long time

Eating fruit juice is as healthy as eating fruits. However, making juice using a juicer should still be done correctly because if you do not know how to juice juicers properly, this can impact your juicer’s durability. Therefore consider the tips to care for juicer more durable. Meanwhile, perhaps you may need to check out the best juicer machines for commercial juicing as well.

The temperature of room or temperature of a refrigerator?

Crave fresh juice should be fruits or vegetables from the refrigerator immediately washed, cut and made into juice. Research says that juice temperature will increase 10 degrees when used as juice. And the fruit will be harder if stored in the freezer, therefore you should not include frozen fruit, because it can make the juicer work harder.

Let the pieces be large

It would be much easier if you cut a fruit or vegetable with a small size when making juice. In addition to speeding up the process, the result will be softer and extend the juicer’s age.

Unbalanced taste

Make sure you combine juice with a balanced flavor. Avoid choosing juice with a sour taste due to choosing all the acidic ingredients.

Juicer is one of the household appliances that are useful for processing solid food into liquid. This juicer should be well cared for at home in order to be durable. Do not delay to do maintenance. Regular maintenance juicer makes the engine, body, and blade knives to be more excellent.

Wash Removable Parts

There are parts that can be removed from the juicer. Wash the parts after they are finished.

Do not Use Metal Materials

Do not use abrasive scrubs or abrasive cleaners when washing the juicer. Metal materials can damage the juicer body.

Dry First

Before reinstalling, dry it first.

Not Submerged Bottom Unit

Do not immerse the bottom unit. Wear a dry cloth to clean it.