Tips for choosing a great web hosting

After knowing what is a hosting and domain, let’s see what to consider when choosing hosting and domains. These pieces of information can be necessary for many people, especially for those who only wish to get the best and the most reliable web hosting or reseller hosting service.

Customer Support 24 hours

Customer support is very important if you want to rent web hosting. Because if at any time your web experience trouble, Customer Support is available at any time will be very helpful to you. Imagine if the customer support cannot be reached when the web down? Surely you will be confused.

Server Location

Find the server location that matches your target audience. If your target audience is in America, look for hosting server location is also near your location. If the web page hosting provider does not mention the location, you can ask its customer service first. Because the location of the server will affect the speed of web access that you will create.

Choose Hosting Packages That Fit Needs

Usually, a hosting provider will give you some optional packages that you can choose from. Usually, the differences between packages exist in Space HardDisk, Bandwidth, Number of Domains, Number of ETCs. Customize to your needs. If you need the web for personal needs (like blogs), you will not need large space or a lot of emails. So choose what suits your needs.

Server Specification and Uptime 99%

Find out the specifications of the server hosting provider. Usually, the minimum specification is Quad Core with a minimum of 8GB RAM Memory. In addition, it is also important is to find uptime from the server, meaning that how many% servers can be accessed, alias rarely down. Usually, uptime is measured by% value, and good hosting should be able to provide a server with 99.9% uptime. If the specifications and uptime are not listed on the website hosting provider, please ask CS, you have the right to know.

Do not Just Find The Cheap

Usually, people will be lazy to shell out a lot for hosting. In fact, there is a free search. If the Web is only for personal purposes and not for business, it does not matter if the search for a cheap/free, because if the web cannot be accessed, will not affect the business turnover. But if the purpose of making the web is for business, I suggest choosing a good hosting.