Tips for becoming a pro in CS: GO

The players usually like to use grenades to try to kill the enemy. Actually in CS: GO, the grenade only gives maximum damage of 57 damage. So the damage is the same as shooting the enemy 2 times with your weapon. Usually, a grenade in the Counter-Strike is used to find out if an enemy is hiding in one place to get Him out of its hiding place and we can fire the enemy directly while waiting for them to come out of the hiding place.

So you better keep your grenade well in the face of 1 against 1 with your enemy. it’s because we often see a player who died while holding a grenade in his hand when he wanted to throw a grenade.

Aside from that, reading the situation is a must. Raiding the enemy is the easiest way to win the battle. But sometimes there are players who forget about it when the team position is far more than the enemy, for example, 3 vs 1 or 4 vs. 2. There is a tendency for players to hunt down the enemy and want to be the one who killed the last enemy. Though with a split then we actually go back to the situation 1 vs 1 with so your chances to lose in the shootout is also getting bigger.

We recommend that you stay together with your team and move misaligned to prevent successive shots that result in death for you and your friends. If your enemy is hiding then have your friend throw a grenade and you are ready to shoot the enemy who will come out of hiding to avoid the grenade explosion

Finally, many players forget that they have a handgun weapon that serves as a secondary weapon. Usually, the players feel that the handgun does not have a strong firepower when compared with the rifle or smg that became the primary weapon. Actually when we run out of bullets while using a rifle, smg, or sniper then handgun can be used as the ultimate weapon to finish off enemies who may have been dying when we attack. So do not forget with this little weapon to help you finish off the enemy.