This Type Of Oil Is Good For Your Body

You must often hear that using the oil can certainly make your skin better and healthier. In fact, many people now use spiritual oils
to make their skin healthier and can be used for other things related to their spirituality.

One of the oils that are often used for beauty is olive oil. The oil will make your body that was problematic can be better and healthier and can prevent some things. Some kind of problem that olive oil can overcome is

1. Protect the body from heart disease
The benefits of olive oil first are to overcome heart disease. This oil contains monounsaturated fat and single that is believed to protect your body from heart disease. The reason, these two types of unsaturated fats can reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), high blood pressure, and obesity.

2. Prevent Breast Cancer
One of the benefits of olive oil that is believed to prolong one’s life is to protect the body from breast cancer. Research shows that eating these oils can drive tumor cell death, reduce oncogene activity or genes that play a role in increasing malignancy of tumor cells, trigger changes in protein signal pathways, and prevent DNA damage.

3. Streamlining metabolism
With the content of unsaturated fat in it, this oil is believed to facilitate metabolism. This oil can help stools absorb more water so the texture remains soft.
But you can not consume it excessively, yes! Consumption of too much can cause your digestion too smooth, aka diarrhea.
You do not want diarrhea, right? Well, that’s why you just eat it once a day in the morning, when your stomach is empty.

Not infrequently if the oil is believed to have a good and healthy impact on your body who has some problems above. The thing you also need to consider is to choose the oil that suits you.