These Three Stains Are The Hardest Stains To Clean

There are many people who use carpets at home. There are many types of carpets that you can choose and you use at home. However, you have to clean your carpet properly. There is a lot of dust and bacteria sticking to the carpet if you don’t clean it properly. Dust and bacteria that can cause various types of diseases. So, the services of rug cleaning sydney is service that you can use so that the carpet cleaning process can be maximized rug cleaning sydney.

Various dirt and stains can stick to your carpet. there are various stains that are difficult to remove if the stain has been stuck to the carpet for a long time. These are some of the stains that are hard to lose.

1. Wine stains and blood
If you spill wine on the carpet and you don’t clean it immediately, then the stain is very difficult to remove. Blood stains are stains that are very difficult to remove if the stain has been stuck for a long time. You have to use various detergents and cleaning tools to clean the two stains. blood stains can turn brown because of contact with oxygen, while wine has a content that is easily absorbed by the cloth. So, you should immediately clean the two stains from the carpet.

2. Oil Stains
If you spill oil or food containing oil on the carpet, the stain is difficult to remove. The stain can make the carpet feel slippery. In fact, oil stains can damage carpet fibers if you don’t clean them immediately.

3. Glue stains
If you install carpets, you need glue so that the carpet doesn’t move. This glue stain is difficult to clean. If the glue stains are not cleaned, there are many stains that can stick around, such as dust and dirt.

If you find these three stains on the carpet, then you should immediately clean them. Because the stain will be more sticky and difficult to clean.

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