These Some Types Of Smoothies Are Good For Pregnant Mom

For women who are pregnant, keeping the intake of food that enters the body must be something important. For that, women who snag pregnant usually will not choose food that can give bad effect to himself and his baby. One of the options that can be consumed is smoothies. However, making smoothies also requires the right blender. Pregnant women who want to make smoothies but do not yet have a good blender can read the review of some blenders to make smoothies at and can find the best blenders for green smoothies.

In this article will be discussed smoothies what is right for women who are pregnant:

1. Red Smoothies: These smoothies consist of basic ingredients such as vitamin C, K, and E as well as potassium. If you like cold drinks, you can add ice cubes to these smoothies.

2. Orange Smoothies: These smoothies consist of carrots, apples and starfruit so are called orange smoothies. With these ingredients, you will get enough vitamin C and can keep the immune system to avoid flu.

3. Green Smoothies: You can make green smoothies from a mixture of avocado, spinach, and cucumber. Iron in the spinach can help the body to not easily tired. You can also add ginger if you feel nauseated.

All smoothies have a good content for pregnant women. Any fruit that is used as the basic ingredient of smoothies will keep the immune system and avoid indigestion. You also do not need to add sugar because the fruits used already have a pretty sweet taste. If you want to be sweeter, you can add low-fat milk or soy milk to the smoothies you make. You can also add yogurt to provide calcium, prebiotic and protein content.