The Uncommon Type of Ferret

ferret is one of the unique animals because it emits a fragrant aroma like a pandanus from its body. ferret has a distinctive body odor depending on the type of ferret. This ferret has a medium body size with a body length of about 90 centimeters. Apparently, ferret much used as a friendly pet with humans. Visit our website to get the best litter for ferrets.

ferrets are mammals and are predators. Of the many ferrets, the most famous is a ferret, honey. Known also by the name of honey badger and Ratel, ferret honey prefers to live solitary or alone. Mammals that like to dig this hole, live in the region of Africa, Southwest Asia, and India. Although the surrounding soil is quite hard, ferret honey takes only about 10 minutes to dig a deep hole.

In addition to ferret honey, there are many other types of ferrets. The following are the rarer unknown ferrets:

– Ferret Roots

ferret root or in English called small tooth palm ferret or three stripped ferret has a scientific name Arctogalidia Trivirgata. ferret root is found in Kalimantan and Java. This ferret has brown hair and grays on the head, but there is also a dark brown. ferret roots have a more sensitive smell than other ferrets. This sharp smell makes them able to distinguish ripe and immature fruits.

– Ferret Moon

ferret moon is very fond of fruits, such as coffee plants and papaya. Another term of the moon’s ferret is a masked ferret and a masked ferret. Nicknamed ferret masked because this ferret has a white motif on his head, like wearing a mask. This ferret has the scientific name of Paguma Larvata. a ferret that can live for 22 years is found in many areas of East Asia and Southeast Asia.

– Ferret Rase

ferret rase or Viverricula malaccensis is a carnivorous ferret scattered in South and Southeast Asian countries. In addition to having a unique feather color, this ferret also has a unique way of looking for food. ferrets of this type prefer insects and rats. Therefore, to search for prey, this ferret must dig the ground first.