The ideas and content of a movie are matters

Unique ideas are generally different, do not have the same tendency of most movies that are being liked by many parties. New ideas / new ideas are certainly not easy to create. Repetition, adaptation, modification and the like are generally made by filmmakers in the film festival to present things that are considered fresh and interesting.

When many movies are broadcasting are action types with adult players, the presence of child films whose characters are critical to a corrupt environment becomes enlightened and has its own value. While most of the films are about permissive romance, the presence of a film that tells of teenage adventures in the outdoors that presents the warmth of friendship and team cohesiveness in the face of problems is expected to draw the attention of the audience.

Shapes and styles in the diverse film arts. Reference short films that are unique, artistic and carrying the actual issues are quite easy to get through the internet. Competitors are expected to explore the ideas of the film as much as possible in accordance with their respective interests on issues that are becoming public attention.

In addition, a movie is the seventh artwork in which it can be filled with the content of a particular message. One of them is the producer’s alignment to the issue or problem that is the concern of many parties. For example, the problem of corruption. Corruption has become a serious threat to various social, political, economic, and other areas. People’s lives in various sectors are in danger of being damaged. This problem can be processed into a good story. In addition, the issue of partiality to the weak, the struggle of justice for the right, environmental care, tolerance of others and other actions of good for life is not less interesting to be extracted and processed into an inspiring story. The earnest research on these issues will be able to supply the weighted content.