The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Currently, smartphone and tablet users have many in number. Can not be denied your current site visitors are not from PC or Laptop platform only, but from smartphones and tablets as well. The more rampant smartphone, the time for web designers to create a responsive website. What is responsive web design? Responsive Web Design is a web design that allows the website to adjust the state of the environment/platform is used, so that when the website was opened via a smartphone then the layout will change because it is influenced by the width of the platform. You can visit to find out how to choose the best web design services.

By using responsive web design we can get a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. Recommended by Google
Even the biggest search engines recommend it. Not only recommend Responsive Web Design but this can facilitate the users of our website when used on smartphones.

2. No Need to Create Mobile Version Website
With responsive, the website is able to adjust to the environment used. So we do not need to bother again to design the mobile version of the website from scratch.

3. Reduce Bounce Rate
When using a responsive design, visitors will definitely feel comfortable. For websites that do not use responsive designs even in search engines are ranked the top, certainly for smartphone users is not effective. Smartphone users have to scroll sideways, and it will surely make them quickly leave your site.

4. Higher Traffic
As technology grows and rampant smartphone, the use of responsive web design is increasingly taken into account. With a responsive design must be visitors who use the smartphone more than the design is non-responsive.

5. Easy To Upgrade / Maintenance Website
If a web designer/web developer wants to upgrade/improve his website, they do not need to work twice. Unlike websites that use two versions which is desktop and mobile versions, they will fix two websites at once.