Some Penalties Will You Get When You Do Not Pay Taxes

Although the government has obliged the public to pay taxes but apparently until now there are still many who neglect the duty of paying taxes. Though the taxes that we pay will be returned to the community although not in the form of money but infrastructure and other infrastructure development. Paying taxes may reduce our income every month. However, actually paying taxes is not harmful because tax money is widely used to improve the nation’s economy. Therefore, there are some sanctions that everyone must know to pay taxes on time. In addition to getting sanctioned, you can easily get into trouble so it will require a tax attorney. If you are stuck in the situation, please contact irs office nj for immediate resolving.

But if you do not pay taxes, then you are on the wrong side. Here are the penalties to be obtained by anyone who does not pay taxes.

– Administrative penalty
In some cases of tax payment violations, penalty sanctions may be added with criminal sanctions. Criminal sanctions will be added if the taxpayer committed a fraudulent misconduct. The addition of criminal sanctions is also contained in the applicable regulations. These administrative sanctions are apparently more likely to be a warning to taxpayers not to commit tax returns. That way, the taxpayer is expected to pay the tax on time.

– Penalty of interest
Another penalty to be obtained by someone who does not pay tax on time is interest penalty. This interest penalty will be imposed on the taxpayer who has performed his obligation in paying taxes but has not paid the tax amount in accordance with the amount that should be paid.

– Criminal penalty
In its application, criminal sanctions are not only applied to taxpayers who deliberately avoid the obligation to pay taxes or illegal but also every person and officials who neglect and intentionally do not pay taxes to the state. That way, the sanctions will be fair. To enforce this penalty, a taxpayer will be examined and a tax investigation is conducted in order to know for sure the fraud committed.