Safe and Wise Rules When Consuming Alcoholic

Keep in mind before, pregnant women and couples who are working on pregnancy are not advised to consume alcoholic beverages. People under 21 years of age or who have special health conditions are also not advised to drink alcohol. In addition, for those of you who drive your own car, then avoid alcoholic beverages before you have an accident or a law violation. But if it happens because then you can not control yourself then it is better if you hire services michigan OWI attorney to facilitate the legal process that you live. Regardless, for healthy adults who like to drink beer or the like, you can listen to the following safe drinking alcohol tips!

1. Just drink enough
Everything that is excessive is not good. According to a number of studies and health agencies around the world, men and women should not consume more than fourteen units of alcohol a week. However, these fourteen units should not be drunk at once in one day. Give a two to three-day break where you do not consume alcohol at all. Remember, each product contains different levels of alcohol. Always pay attention and calculate the alcohol content you will order. The reason, two large glasses of beer alone is equivalent to drinking four units of alcohol a day. So, do not order or drink more.

2. Eat before drinking
Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will make you drunk faster. In addition, your liver also has to work much harder to process the alcohol in your body. Therefore, you should eat first before you drink any alcohol. By eating before drinking, alcohol will not be absorbed too quickly into the blood, brain, and other organs like the liver. This is because your diet will slow down the process of absorption of alcohol in the body.

3. Drink slowly
To be safe while drinking alcohol, preferably slowly. Drinking alcohol quickly or immediately drank it down will make the liver difficult to clean the alcohol from the body. So, the alcohol content that lives in the body and into the bloodstream will be so much more. And you drink beer with the same dose with your friends who drink it slowly.