Reduce Stress By Soaking In The Bathtub!

After a day of wrestling with the tattoo of the capital, of course, the thing you most want to do is rest and release stress. In achieving this, everyone has his own ways. One of them is to soak in the bathtub. But what happens if your favorite bathtub clogged? Certainly will make you as good as stress is not it? But you do not worry because right now you can easily rent a waterway repair coach at to get a reliable and quick response to your waterway.

Regardless, it is rare to know that the actual activity soaking in the bathtub can be a natural treatment for your body. Let’s see the explanation below!

Scientific facts and their effects are psychologically

According to Neil Morris, a psychologist from the University of Wolverhampton, your psychological health can increase sharply by soaking in the bathtub regularly. In fact, soaking can repel feeling stress, pessimistic about the future, anxious, less excited will disappear replaced feeling comfortable and happy. This is due to the emergence of beautiful combinations of isolated, calm and comfortable sensations while bathing.

In addition, dr. John Harcup, who is part of the Medical Advisory Committee at the British Spa Foundation, also stated that being in a horizontal position while bathing has a tremendous effect on psychological health. Because the position of the horizontal body surrounded by water can provide a sensation similar to when you are in the mother’s womb so you will feel more relaxed and very comfortable.

Even a bath can change your perception of your own body. As you look down, you will see your own body that looks slimmer because it is biased by water. This will have a good effect on your body and mind.

Not only for psychic treatment, but soaking is also being a natural decongestant to relieve flu symptoms, especially if you use warm water. Therefore, the moisture produced by warm water will be able to moisturize the airway. In addition, soaking in warm water can also make your skin more moist and smooth. As has been known, soaking in warm water can stimulate the circulation and movement of blood cells. Warm water pressure can make the body more relaxed organs.

However, you also have to keep controlling the temperature of the water used, do not get too hot or too cold. Well, so keep in mind that the appropriate temperature for the bath is 32 to 35 degrees centigrade. You should also adjust this temperature range with the durability and condition of your body in order to get optimum benefits.