Reasons Why Men Should Shave

Hair shaving, including hair on the face, turned out to be a complex thing for men. A recent study revealed the most popular reason why men shave or regrow hair. The result shows beard and mustache was not only for the man himself but also for the people around him. When shaving, you need shaving cream to avoid irritation to your skin when shaving. To get the best quality shaving cream, you can visit the website from ageless man.

So what is the reason men shave?

1. Interview work
If there is a situation that makes a good first impression, it is a job interview. As many as 44 percents of participants said to be neat when meeting with prospective bosses. More than half of respondents with beards or mustaches claimed to shave or rearrange the hair on the face.

2. Special events
Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and other special events made the men shave and rearrange the hair on their faces. The survey showed 42 percent of men had been shaved or set their beards and mustache for a special occasion, especially men with long beards (53 percent), half-length beards (49 percent), and short beards (41 percent).

3. Working
A total of 56 percent of men with long beards, 44 percent of short bearded men, and 41 percent of men without beards shaved back his face for work reasons.

4. Their partner
Having the style that suits you is the most important thing. However, if the spouse does not like it, it may be time to try something different. About 35 percent of participants said they shaved and tidied up even though only 22 percent said they were shaved while on a dating location.

5. Vacation
Whether it’s hot, awkward, or wanting to look new when away from home. To be sure, 30 percent of study participants say they shave for the holidays.