Proper Air Conditioning Placement Tips at Home!

Placement of air conditioning in the house that is less precise, will result in air conditioning performance is not optimal to cool the room temperature of the house. In addition, the selection of the type of air conditioner should also take a good look before you buy it. It would be better if you use the best programmable thermostat. Apart from that, here are some things and apply some tips on determining the placement of the air conditioner below!

Air conditioning unit is divided into 2 parts, namely indoor unit (indoor) and outdoor unit (outdoors). Therefore, the tips below are divided into 2 (indoor & outdoor). Let’s see some tips on placement of air conditioner is good and right below!

Indoor Unit:

1. Try to install indoor unit between inner and outer house wall with outdoor unit to maximize cooling performance

2. Blowing wind generated by air conditioner should not be exposed to the body directly as it is harmful to health. Therefore, pay attention when installing indoor unit.

3. Important! Do not install the Indoor unit above and face to face with windows, doors, and also electronic objects that produce heat such as TV, home theater, stove, etc.

4. If you install more than one indoor air-conditioning unit in one room, it is recommended that the wind direction should not be close together.

Outdoor Unit:

1. Choose a place to install an outdoor unit that is easy to reach, safe and easy during installation (installation).

2. The air-conditioning pipe that is connected between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit should not experience more than 3 bends, as it may inhibit the refrigerant flow so that the air conditioning performance is not optimal.

3. Use a standard pipe with a minimum pipe length of 5 meters and a thickness of 0.5 mm pipe for maximum air conditioning performance.

After reading the above article, hopefully you have understood and know how to determine the proper placement of air conditioner for your home, so that optimal air conditioning performance and get the room cool and comfortable.