Prevent Constipation by Knowing the Different Causes

Constipation is one of the most commonly avoided diseases. This is because they will be very difficult to run their activities if they suffer from constipation. Now, many people are overcoming their constipation with natural ingredients that they can make themselves at home. For this, you can see various posts from Organic Daily Post that discussed it.

For people who suffer from constipation, this would be a very appropriate medicine. However, if you do not want to suffer from constipation, then there are several causes of constipation that you need to know

1. A Bad Diet
Lack of fiber from fruits and vegetables can make a person feel great constipation. In addition to this, dietary changes and eating too much consumption of dairy products can also cause great difficulty in the water. People who have a weight that is not ideal can also be affected by this disease.

2. Delaying bowel movements
Often, many adults who deliberately delay defecating for several things. However, this can turn out to have adverse effects because of the risk of inviting constipation or constipation.

3. Effects of Drugs
Consume several kinds of drugs can cause the effect of difficult bowel movements. These drugs may include calcium supplements, iron supplements, antidepressants and other drugs. So, you can not arbitrarily pick and take certain drugs in certain physical circumstances because it will be bad for your body.

4. Pregnancy
There is about 40 percent of pregnant women who experience constipation during pregnancy, especially in the early period of pregnancy. This happens because the body produces more progesterone hormones whose effects can relax the muscles, making it difficult for the intestinal muscles to contract.

Four causes of constipation are you must know because if you know, you can avoid some of these causes. However, if you are already constipated, then all you have to do is take the right medicine. One of the drugs you can consume is medicines that you make yourself at home with natural ingredients.