No victims has been reported due to dufan mati incident, but this incident gives a shock down to spine

Rafting rides at Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, North Jakarta, had an accident which injured five people on Sunday at around 3:30 a.m. WIB. It was true that the disaster happened,” said Dufan Impian Jaya Ancol Rika Lestari spokesman through a text message in Jakarta on Sunday. Rika said that the accident did not cause the victim to die but the recreation area manager had evacuated all the dufan mati injured to Satya Negara Hospital. “There are no fatalities and currently all victims are recovering,” Rika said. At present, Dufan’s manager coordinates with the police to investigate the cause of the disaster. Based on the information, the chronology of the incident began when the victims would board a rafting vehicle then the boat was overturned due to the waves. When the boat is upside down, the dufan mati victims who have been in the boat with a safety belt installed so that they hit the head under water.

As a result of the incident, five injured people, M Risma Saputra (20) from Tambun, Bekasi, West Java, suffered abrasions on their hands and stomach. “At that time there were 15 visitors who were enjoying the ride,” he explained. But Sofia denied the news that there were casualties injured when the Tornado did not work. “Please check if there are casualties, we will be responsible for Ancol,” he said. According to Sofia the dysfunction of the tornado when dufan mati incident occurs, due to a broken turbine. Said Sofia Wahana Tornado, has obtained ISO 9001-2008 certification. In fact, routine checks have been carried out. He explained, the Tornado broke down at around 18.00 WIB. He admitted, around 15 visitors who were enjoying the ride were pale and panicked. Meanwhile the Pademangan Police Chief, Police Commissioner Ahmad David, said that he had examined a number of officers from the Tornado Ancol. He explained, when the dufan mati occurs suddenly stopped the lights suddenly died. It takes 30 minutes to evacuate 15 visitors above the Tornado which is about 5 meters high.