Negative Impact of Breast Implant Operation

Almost all women in the world would want to have large breasts. The reason is, of course, to improve the appearance and increase the confidence, especially for women who previously less confident with the body shape that is owned. It is also definitely dreamed by a woman who had just undergone breast cancer surgery and had to lift the breast. Many of them think breast enlargement surgery is one of the right alternatives to restore confidence by forming breasts to look perfect. Whereas there is a safer way, get this awesome breast enhancement cream by visiting our website.

Until now it is known the safest breast enlargement medical method is with breast implants. Breast implants are divided into two namely saline (made from a mixture of water and salt) and silicon (made of synthetic plastic material). In 1990 the use of silicon to enlarge breasts is prohibited, so the type of breast enlargement with implants increasingly in demand. Since there was a ban on the use of silicone implants in 1990, more and more saline implants. The use of Implants serves to create the breasts of men who undergo sex change surgery, improve the shape of women’s breasts become larger and faster, and restore breast shape for women who have a mastectomy or surgical removal of the breast.

Although considered to be the safest and currently most widely used for breast enlargement, there are still adverse effects that must be taken into account once it is done. Some of the negative effects of breast enlargement with breast implants are as follows:

– Decreased ability of breastfeeding, breast hardening, nipple sensation disorders, infection and calcium buildup around the implanted breast implants.

– Breast implants have a usage limit and not for life. So that women or men who do breast implants should routinely control the routine to avoid the risk of lethal.

– Breast implants can rupture or collapse for various reasons, with unpredictable periods, but there are obvious signs that can be seen or felt when it happens. The signs are, the breast implants will appear smaller or uneven and cause pain or burn. Breast implants are ruptured due to several things that include overfilling (fill too many implants), capsular contracture (silicone wrap) and implant aging.