Mobile Device Security To Keep Safe To Shop Online

Do you like online shopping? If yes, you can visit our website and find out about Ebay made easy. Here are some tips for securing a mobile device for safe shopping from your phone or tablet:

– Do not use debit cards, always use credit cards or online payment services

Buying items with a debit card may be preferred over a credit card because you do not have to worry about additional costs. But credit cards have better protection. Other options can be online payment services like PayPal, which uses advanced technology to store and send your bank information.

– Save your payment confirmation window

Do not rely solely on the seller sending a receipt email, or the website keeps your transaction in the purchase history. Errors can occur, especially when there are many transactions on the website. If there is no option to store payment information, use a screenshot and send it to your own email.

– Do not open retail emails from mobile devices

Your inbox can be full of promotional emails. But do not open these messages, because it could be phishing scams. Fraudsters just want to steal your personal data via email that is designed very well. Wait until you get home or be in front of your laptop or PC to open the email. Look for oddities like spelling or grammatical errors and awkward work design. Remember, when you open this email, never click on anything. But copy and paste each email link in a new browser window. This is a safe way to test URL validity. Or you can try another trick. Leave your cursor above each link in the email. The URL will appear, if it does not match the typed link, then it’s probably a phishing form and avoids clicking on it.

– Use mobile antivirus protection

With the increase of malware on mobile devices, the use of antivirus protection is a must. Before you start shopping, complete your smartphone and tablet with mobile security software. Find applications that can scan for viruses, block websites, provide protection, and offer automatic updates.

– Do not forget to update your browser application

Always use the latest version of major mobile browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. By using the latest browser updates, you get a security feature that protects you from malware.