Make Over The Room Within A Day!

A new year is often encouraging to change the look of the house. Even so, vacation time is also tempting to be spent on vacation out of town or go with family members. No need to be confused, you can still do make over the room in a limited time because now you can easily use used goods into beautiful home decor with the help of best framing nailer. All these tips can be done in a day or less! Let’s try it!

Show Antiques Collection in the Dining Room
Designer Beth Webb provides a unique example of her dining room. He selected two Elm board tables placed side by side as a dining table. A row of porcelain jar collection adds to the overall dramatic look. “These items do look matching, but the combinations complement each other,” Webb said.

Match up your Bedroom
“We call this the” seafaring room “, because of the dominant theme of the nautical theme,” says interior designer Ken Fulk of the bedroom that is part of his vacation home in Massachusetts. “The natural fusion of batik patterns and faded batik motifs is impressive as old fabrics are found during the sea trip.”.

Decorate the Wall With Dishes
A set of dishes with similar themes can be your choice to decorate one side of the wall in full. The key, you just set to form a perfect combination and ready to make the corner of your space to be more valuable art.

Move the Sofa away from the Wall
“Give the distance between furniture and walls, as it will suggest a more intimate atmosphere between sofas”, says designer Betsy Burnham. It was applied to the living room at his home in California. A separate table with a couch facing each other is adorned with vintage lamps supported by goddess goddesses and Monkey ornaments. This display is equipped with a patterned carpet with a monochrome color that keeps the feel of neutral colors in the room.

Provide Accents of Individual Color Ceria
For example, designer Gideon Mendelson adds a bright yellow color that appears on blankets, sofas and fresh flowers and is neutralized with blue and white on top.

Hang Artwork Painting Front of Bookshelf
Who would turn to bookshelves while busy spending time at home? This idea is somewhat interesting for you to try. Designer Alex Hitz acknowledged that the large portrait paintings on the front shelf of the bookcase look silly, as well as funny. You can also move this painting in a location that is rarely seen any paintings on display.

Painting Only Half the Wall
Painting half walls mean saving half the time, right? The above example illustrates a combination of gray and white colors that create a smooth and stylish impression.

Change Bathroom Floor to Be Blue
Imagine over this bathroom floor looks boring with ceramic decoration motifs? It’s time you tried a new way by giving it a plain blue touch like being above the blue ocean. The example above is the artwork of Kari McCabeallows which makes the bathtub the center of attention and make you want to soak there all day.

Choose a Striking Table Cloth
In addition to red and white plaid motifs that give a relatively traditional impression, you can start choosing a touch of the fresh motif. The above example is the curation of designer T. Keller Donovan who gives an eclectic impression on the dining room.