Looking for a great loft design?

Limited land and buildings make some simple homeowners confused when they want to add space to their homes. If horizontal modifications are not possible, vertical can be a solution. In the meantime, you can also call the kent loft conversion for the best help for building or redesigning your loft.

Today much new housing that implements high roof design with the concept of exposure, ie without ceilings or sloping ceilings following the shape of the roof triangle.

The purpose of this high roof is actually to make the air circulation more smoothly.

Before discussing more the design of the loft bedroom, it is better if you first understand the meaning of the attic and mezzanine. Although both are often called the same, it is very different.

The building in the attic is usually only semi-permanent with the material supporting the floor of materials from wood, plywood, and multiplex. While the mezzanine is more permanent and has been planned when the construction of the house was held.

Well, to create a loft or mezzanine in the house, there are many things that you should look at.

First is the height of the roof of the house. Make sure that the height of the ceiling on the roof of the loft has a 50% slope limit. This is a standard size when you are in the attic with a standing position.

Hot air is always at the top. Therefore, the attic or mezzanine will also feel more hot and stuffy. To work around this, you need to install an aluminum foil-based tile that is able to reflect the radiant heat of the sun. So, the room temperature will feel cooler even in the daytime. Consider also the use of roof turbine ventilator.

Note also the material structure used, so that later will not happen things that harm. In addition to the strong structure, all you have to consider is the floor material. Because it is certain, the attic will be filled with various kinds of furniture so it must be sturdy and strong. In order not to harm anyone especially your baby, carefully study how to get to the attic from another room at home.