Know these before you clean your house again

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom becomes the dirtiest place, which contains bacteria and germs if rarely cleaned. The wall is quite difficult to clean especially if there is a crust or stain attached. How to clean it? Using white vinegar: Spray vinegar on the bathroom wall, let stand a moment and then flush with hot water while rubbed using a brush. Allow new rinse thoroughly. Using Lemon and Hot Water: Rub lemon on a crusty and stained wall. Then flush with hot water carefully, then wipe with aluminum wire and rinse thoroughly. However, if you want the most satisfying result, you can also hire the trusted Servicios Generales in or near your area.

Do not Delay Wash the Plate

Yes, we know how difficult it is to clean dirty dishes after use, especially when we are tired or in a hurry. But did you know? The sink contains 100,000 times more bacteria than bacteria in the bathroom. Hiii is really scary, right? That’s why it’s better to wash the dishes when finished, to avoid bacteria and viruses, and also to keep the kitchen clean and healthy.

Cleaning the AC Filter

AC that has not been serviced can make the bad air in our house. Well, some air conditioners now make it easier for us to open the filter by hand, without the need for equipment. To clean the filter, use a wet wipe or vacuum cleaner. It’s very simple and you can save on maintenance costs.

Do not Forget Cleaning the Car Stir

Although the car is often cleaned, do not think germs will not continue to lodge in it, especially on the steering wheel. Due to the habit of driving while eating or dirty hand conditions, research shows that the average stir is seven times dirtier than a stand-in public toilets. Wow, really scary! So do not be lazy to clean it by spraying the cleaning fluid on the steering wheel. Let stand a few minutes then wipe with a clean cloth. Rub gently until the dirt disappears.