In addition to chemicals, these are some natural ingredients you can use to clean the glass

There are many materials that you can use to clean the windows in your home. All of these materials are made from natural and chemical materials. However, it’s good you know the right ingredients before using it. If cleaning windows is an activity you can not do alone, then you can use the services of best dallas window cleaning service as the best windows cleaning service you can use.

The existence and cleanliness of glass or mirror should be considered. Do not let the part look dirty even have a crust. A clean, clear mirror will reflect a nice and perfect shadow. Conversely, dirty and dull glass will look ugly and unattractive. Note that there are some ingredients you can use to clean the glass.

– Newspapers
If the dust on the glass is still stubborn, then you can spray water or cleaning solution and rub the part with newspaper. If there is still the dirt that stains that left, then you just need to spray water back to the stain and rub with the newspaper until perfectly clean.

– Lemon juice
Lemon juice can also be used as material for cleaning glass. The trick is to mix the lemon juice with warm water, then put in the bottle and spray into the dirty part of your window. In addition to cleaning stubborn stains, lemon juice also provides a very fresh aroma and make the room feel lfresh with that aroma.

– Alcohol
To clean the glass that has a crust, then you can use alcohol mixed with water. How to use it enough sprayed and then rub the dirty part until completely clean. Alcohol not only cleans or mirrors you have but also makes the glass clear and very clean.