Important tips for using the PVC pipes

The use of PVC pipe as a plumbing in houses is not unfamiliar. In fact has become a skill that must be owned by homeowners. This type of pipe is more preferred than other types of pipe types, such as metal or iron pipes. In addition to the cheaper price of PVC Pipes, its use is also considered safer for water channels, because it will not react when exposed to water in a long time. Meanwhile, don’t forget to call the trusted Drain Cleaning service near you whenever your pipes got clogged.

Another reason the popular use of PVC pipe is its easy installation. For example, to connect between one pipe with another pipe or with a pipe connection is done by using a special glue PVC pipe. This glue fastens the two pipe strongly so it is not easy to leak.

Although the use and installation are easy, does not mean it can be arbitrary. Here are some important things to consider when installing PVC pipe at home.

Measure the size of the pipe to connect

When performing pipe measurements, be sure to always measure them from within the pipe section. This is so that the two pipes to be fitted fit in the pipe joint and avoid leakage.

Cutting pipes

Use markers or pens to mark the pipe you want to cut. Unlike the iron pipe, PVC pipe cutting can be done with almost all kinds of saws. So, you do not need to bother looking for a special saw for plastic.

Cleans up scraps

Be sure to clean the remaining pieces of the pipe. The core to ensure the process of gluing or pipe connection can be done perfectly. Do not leave this part, no matter how hasty you are. Because the rest of this piece of dirt can make glue not stick in battle and cause leakage.

Clean the surface of the pipe you want to connect

In addition to cleaning the scrap, another step that must be done is to clean the surface of the pipe from the dirt, including the writing of a regular brand on the surface of the pipe. This step can help glue sticks better.