Ideas for recycling the used woods to become valuable pieces of furniture

Most of us, do not appreciate waste wood. We mean wood like broken wood furniture, dirty wood, irregular wood pieces, to small woods. And with a simple technique, we can change the appearance becomes more interesting and raised its value. Meanwhile, you can also check out the best benchtop jointer review, if you need a good tool for making your wood furniture surface smooth again.

Here is our inspiration for what ideas can be created from used wood:

1. Figures

The idea of the figure became our first suggestion because in addition to easy to make, is currently also a trend of displaying various size trends in groups in the living room. First, make a sketch of the figure group on a piece of paper or through a home design application. After the sketch is finished, you just have to pick the wood according to the size and shape that has been designed earlier. Here the skills needed for sawing wood properly and flat. Once the pieces are finished, do not forget to sandpaper the surface to make it smoother. The final step is to arrange these pieces into a figure by using a small nail or glue.

2. Painting

Must you have seen Chinese mainland painting right? Chinese typical paintings usually use wood or bamboo as a medium of painting. In the process of making this, the wood used should be smoothed first. You can paint Arabic calligraphy, hangeul, kanji, mandarin, or any other. For coloring, keep the natural color of the wood is maintained, while the color of the image object can use special colors such as black, yellow, or green.

3. Shelves

Wooden shelves are usually made with large and longboard pieces. The idea of us is to make racks of small pieces of wood that are shaped together and then composed repeatedly to produce a unique and interesting shelf. What is needed here is your patience to cut wood and wrap it neatly. Shelves like this can be used as a beautiful decoration in the living room.