How To Overcome Tired Eyes

The demands of work that require you to work with your computer for hours can cause the eyes to tire quickly. In addition, the eyes will also feel dry. The intensity of excessive use of the eyes such as reading small letters in dim light or wearing glasses with the wrong lens size and driving at night can also be tiring. Due to tension or fatigue of the muscles around the eyes often result in headaches. The most common symptoms of tired eyes are watery eyes, heavy, redness, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, irritation and more sensitivity to light. Symptoms that usually indicate tired eyes normally go away on their own. But if the problem gets worse or does not go away, see a doctor immediately. Here is the best solution to overcome eye fatigue:

1. Distract attention
All you need to do is switch the focus for 20 seconds on some other object. This is one of the best and simplest ways to deal with eye strain.

2. Winking repeatedly
This may sound funny. However, this can stretch the tense eye muscles. Too long staring at the computer makes eyes dry and tired. With a wink, you can wet your eyes regularly.

3. Using filters
You can use a screen filter that can help minimise light from the computer. Rays that are too strong can make eyes so tired.

4. Adjust the contrast
You can make adjustments to contrast and colour to prevent eye strain.

5. Sports eye
Eye muscle exercises can ease the feeling of fatigue in your eyesight. In essence, do a little stretch on the eyes like moving your eyes, blinking or even focused focus.

6. Eyelid massage
Massage the eyelid and the muscles around it gently. This includes how to relax and improve circulation. This massage also stimulates the tear glands, which prevents dryness of the eyes.

Eyes take the time to rest for a moment. Spend a little time to relax the eyes. The focus of work can still, as long as health is concerned as well yes.

7. Palming
Put your hands over your eyes to rest your eyes. Resting the eyes with frequent eyes is an effective method to refresh and relieve the eyes.