How to Meditate for Optimal Results

Meditation should be done with an empty mind. However, emptying the mind does not mean daydreaming. The meaning of emptying the mind is to concentrate the mind, concentrating on a particular object. Can be through the pull and breath or pay attention to one color. Meditation is also not solely done in silence, can with activities and movements that you do every day, such as walking. Visit our website and find guided meditation CD’s, which can help you to know deeper about meditation. So, you won’t do mistake when doing it.

When concentration meets with feeling, that’s where meditative activity happens. When drinking tea for example. Moving the cup up, touching the cup to the lips, sipping tea without rushing, then feeling the flow of tea that drove slowly in the throat, that includes moving meditation. Drinking tea activity without rush is classified as meditation because it combines movement and breathing.

While meditating is not just a working mind, it is also soul and spirit. Meditation works to align and resonate the vibrations of one’s energy with the vibrations of the energy of the universe. The process involves holistic evolution, which includes body, mind, and soul. Meditation helps you become a better person, emotionally, mentally stability, and body balance.

Meditation has made mental, body, and spiritual health in itself harmoniously combined. How to meditate he did also vary, ranging from silence to dance. Dance as a motion meditation because it involves all elements of the body.

Twenty minutes is the recommended time range for meditation, every morning after waking and the night before resting, taking a quiet breath is the simplest way to meditate. Do meditation while you are comfortable. Therefore, the condition of tired or when you are thinking a lot will make your meditation in vain.