How To Maintain Eye Health Naturally

Eyes are both spherical organs that are one organ that can help you see and perceive a thing. With your eyes can know what the color of an object, how its shape, or can also see who the people who are around you. Eyes have a very important function for you. Nevertheless, there are some people born with eye conditions that function abnormally, or with age decreased the visual function of the eye. You can discuss this issue by visiting our website and join our health and fitness forum.

Some of these eye disorders can be due to heredity or birth defects. But not infrequently caused by eye disorders due to errors in maintaining eye health. To have a healthy eye there are several things to watch out for, among others:

1. Selection of proper nutrition from daily food consumption

The significant thing as a method to keep your eye health is to eat nutritious and healthy foods, especially foods that contain:

– Vitamin E
– Vitamin A
– Omega 3
– Lutein
– Vitamin C
– Zinc

That nutrition can help to keep your eyes healthy and reduce the risk of eyes disease. some foods that you can consume:

– Green leafy vegetables
– Fish
– Eggs
– Nuts
– Group of citrus fruits.

2. No Smoking

Smoking means absorbing toxins into your body. With the toxic that contain in a cigarette you may experience:

– Cataracts
– Degeneration
– Impaired visual nerve

If you do not want to feel the disease as above, quit smoking so that your eye health will be more awake.

3. Check with your ophthalmologist

Some eye disorders need serious help from an ophthalmologist. However, for you who have normal and healthy eyes also need to check with an ophthalmologist, especially when it is more than 40 years. This must be performed, especially if:

– The visibility becomes more opaque
– Feeling of itching, irritation swelling, and red eyes.
– Difficult to distinguish colors
– Blurred vision