How to Decorate a Narrow Bedroom

How to decorate a room with used goods is becoming a trend today. You can take advantage of items that are not used but still good for Bedroom Design. Simply save cost, is not it? Although it takes more time and effort, your profits can hone creativity and make it a business opportunity in the future. For a narrow bedroom, you can use adjustable beds. Visit our website to get it.

You also need to be observant and creative in how to decorate the room. By utilizing the still good and multifunctional used items, you can easily arrange and organize the house. Here are some inspirations to decorate your bedroom:

– Place the comb and pencil from the book

How to decorate the second bedroom is by adding a unique comb container on your dressing table. Textbooks that you no longer use can be used as a unique cosmetics container patterned rows of writing. Previously you need to tear the book cover to color and motive match. Then make the books tubular. Next, combine the five book tubes together and tape in with a strong glue. Cover the bottom with a strong book cart or carton. Be a beautiful comb. This container can also be used as a pencil case. Put it on your children’s study desk. Their rooms will look more attractive.

– Curtains from CDs

How to decorate the third room is with a CD curtain. Take advantage of old unused CDs and DVDs for more value. The way is easy enough you apply. First, Cover the front side of the CD with colored paper or patterned paper that you like. Then, reseating the CDs and DVDs with nylon threads so that the strength does not easily escape. Create some equally long string for your room or window curtains. Can also create different string length variations. Then put on the door and window frames.