How the environment tells you about the weather

If the dry grass shows that clouds and strong winds, it indicates that rain will come. If there is dew, it will probably not rain on that day. However, if it rains during the night, this weather prediction method cannot be used. Meanwhile, you can also check out Temora Weather to get the more accurate info about the weather in this town.

The air may be used to predict the weather as well

Try to close your eyes and smell the air around you. Because plants give off a certain smell when the air pressure is different.

Plants in the swamp will emit the less unpleasant odor of the gas before the storm due to low pressure. then there is a saying that says “The flowers smelled of scent immediately before it rained.”

The smell of air will feel stronger in the humid air mixed with the rainy weather.

Look up to the sky and the clouds can give you a hint

In general, white and high clouds indicate good weather and dark clouds and indicate rain or storms soon. but there are also some types of clouds that can help us to predict the weather.

The presence of cumulonimbus clouds in the morning, and continues to multiply throughout the day so there is likely to be a bad weather will happen soon.

Mammatus clouds (formed from drowning air) can indicate that there will be severe or light storms.

A cirrus cloud or a “mare’s tail,” lies high in the sky like a long ribbon, indicating that bad weather will soon arrive in the next 36 hours.

The altocumulus cloud, which resembles the scales of mackerel fish, also shows that bad weather will soon arrive in the next 36 hours.

Cloud patterns that resemble fish scales and a mare’s tail sometimes appear together in the sky. When that happens, it is certain that it will rain next day.

The low and heavy suspended cloud of the nimbostratus in the sky indicates that it will rain shortly.