Here Are Some Things You Can Try At Dufan

Going to a playground with friends or family is indeed a fun thing and must have been done by everyone. Because in this way, you will feel a sensation that you can’t describe. Spending time with friends is a very pleasant thing, right? One of the tourist destinations that you can go to is harga tiket masuk dufan. One of the onteresting ride is arung jeram dufan. You can feel the real arung jeram in this ride.

Dufan provides various series of rides that can be chosen according to your interests and your preferences for the ride. excitement will also increase if you do other things in Dufan. Some things you can do there, besides climbing various rides are

1. Watch theater
As the first thing you have to do is try a variety of rides there. You can adjust to the tension by watching in the theater. At present Dufan has an exciting and no less interesting theater ride with other forms. The name was named Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Theater with this simulator technology will bring you adventure to a mysterious island that will also make you more curious.

2. Adrenaline
When your heart is ready enough to accept the challenge, switch to the rides that drive adrenaline. Dufan has a series of rides that challenge your courage. For example, the legendary Kora Kora and Halilintar roller coaster rides, which are still relatively new like Tornado and Hysteria. Initially, you will definitely feel scared, but calm down afterward guaranteed you will be addicted to trying again.

3. Feel wet
After warming up and pushing your heart, it’s time for you to cool off first in a ride that involves water. For example Niagara-Gara and Rafting. Make sure you bring a change of clothes if you want to try these rides.

4. Enjoy height
Before going home, enjoy the dusk atmosphere where all the lights in Dufan light up. You can enjoy it by riding a relaxing ride like the Ferris wheel or the giant swing of Ontang-Anting. You can enjoy the breeze while looking at the scenery from a height.