Hair Care You Need to Do to Make Hair Always Healthy

For women, hair is a woman’s crown. Long and healthy hair is the dream of all women. You don’t want to have long, branching hair and fall out because it’s not treated. For women, you can do hair care at salons and at home using care products that are sold on the market. However, hair care that needs to be done requires routine and thorough treatment so that the hair can always be clean and healthy. What hair treatments should you do? This treatment includes those of you who have a haircut

When your hair is wet, the hair is very easy to break so you need to treat your hair carefully. Use a wide-toothed comb when you comb in wet hair conditions. This is so that your hair is not stuck on the comb. Daily shampooing can make your hair dry because it will remove natural oils on the scalp. At least you wash it every two days and use the same brand between your shampoo and conditioner whenever possible. Hair coloring paint contains chemicals that can make your hair dry out. If you want to make your hair brownish, you should use lemon, chamomile tea or honey to make the hair color brighter. You can add lemon juice and water and then spray it all over your hair. Then you can rinse it with shampoo.

If your hair falls out, that’s a natural thing, ladies. 100-150 strands of hair is a natural thing when the hair falls on the floor of your house. So that your hair is free from branching hair, at least your hair scissors every three months. Branching hair will become easily brittle and fall out. Remember that cutting hair is the only way to remove branched hair. The biggest mistake that can make your hair dry and out and out is how to dry it by rubbing it on the towel. Though this method can actually damage your hair and make the hair come out and dry. Instead gently squeeze your wet hair using a towel. In addition, avoid drying your hair using a hairdryer. You can pair it with a cool breeze to dry it without damaging your hair.