Get to know some of the main characters in the Simpson family here

The cartoon series that has always been popular until now is The Simpsons. If you are a person born in the 1990s, of course, you know this cartoon series. The popular cartoon series because of its striking color is indeed able to achieve tremendous success until now. In fact, some of his fans did not hesitate to make caricatures of their faces by using the film characters. You can also do it using the simpsons avatar.

The caricature will obviously make your photos look very interesting and certainly very unique compared to other photos. This cartoon series tells of an interesting life from a family named the Simpsons. As for some characters from the family are

1. Homer Simpson
Simpson’s family head is the main character of The Simpson who often makes some unconventional behavior and often even ends up with something very bad. He often uses the words “Dihih” and works at the power plant owned by Burns’s grandmother. This man is very lazy at work and does not like going to church. In fact, he was described as a father who was not responsible at all.

2. Marge Simpson
Homer Simpson’s wife is a housewife in this series. He is often stressed out because of Homer’s and Bart’s behavior. The uniqueness of this character is that it has towering hair and a very motherly nature. This figure is told to be 34 years old.

3. Bart Simpson
This figure is the eldest child of the 10-year-old Simpson family and is very naughty. The figure that is often described as being very fond of skateboarding is often the same as saying the word “ay caramba”. He was also described as being very close to his father.

4. Lisa Simpson
Lisa is described as the second child in this family and is 8 years old. He is smart and very concerned about the environment.

5. Maggie Simpson
Although the youngest child in this family was only 1 year old, he often did things that were unexpected.