Formal Shoes For Men

One of the shoes that a man must have is a formal shoe. Why? Because there will always be important events in the life of men, such as weddings, funerals, important project meetings, job interviews, and formal shoes is one of the versatile men’s shoes that can be used in the event. But how to decide the formal shoe model that suits you? Is the shoe comfortable enough for you to wear? Sometimes we experience confusion in choosing the right shoes for your formal events. Visit and find the best men’s shoes.

Here are some popular men’s dress shoes to date:

1. Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are your good friends when you will attend job interviews or other formal events. Choose leather oxford shoes such as KBP 075 from Keeve, made from genuine leather and have additional 7 cm right. The leather material features a luxurious and timeless look. While the additional rights in the invisible make your appearance more prominent. In order to keep your oxford shoe look neat, the directions above can be your guide in making the knot of oxford shoe. Because the knot strap used on oxford shoes is different from sneakers shoes. You can wear oxford shoes with any look, starting with a formal look with a suit, up to a casual look with chinos and a short sleeve shirt.

2. Chelsea Boots

In addition to Oxford, Chelsea boots are one of the most popular formal shoe models, not only because Chelsea boots are impeccably neat and classy, but also the background of this shoe alone, Chelsea boots are Queen Victoria’s favorite shoe from England and she wears these shoes every day. Chelsea boots remained popular in the era of World War I and II, as well as being one of the must-have shoes of the Beatles. Why are Chelsea Boots still popular today? Because Chelsea boots still give the impression of classy when paired with anything, ranging from a suit like that popularized by The Beatles to jeans and polo shirts. Choose Chelsea boots with black leather with a classic impression and easily blend with any clothing color. When you try Chelsea boots, make sure the rubber side boots are flexible enough to keep your feet comfortable.