Extreme Diets without Sport

Having a slim and slender body is every woman’s dream today. Any endeavor they would have done to get the body slim and sleek, as they crave. Little fat is visible on the body, making the women dizzy and want to immediately eliminate it. Not only causes the body to look fat and weightless ideal, but also impact on health. There are so many health problems that arise from fat deposits in the body if left alone.

Therefore, to reduce your weight to get the ideal body weight then all you have to do is to do Intermittent fasting. With that, you do not have to torture yourself because with Intermittent fasting you are only required to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. But the ladies, with so many extreme diet enthusiasts, have made this method of dieting viral. Well here are some reviews about the extreme diet method!

1. Chemical Diet
This diet forces you to consume various types of fatty tank foods, meat that should not be fried, water, eggs, vegetables, a little bread, and fruit. Apparently, a combination of these foods is believed to cause a chemical reaction that can burn fat. But keep in mind, this diet is considered very extreme because if one in combine food for the consumption of this diet will actually interfere with your health.

2. Inedia
The next way to Diet Extreme is with inedia. Inedia is a belief that one can live without food. They believe that they can survive only by air or sunlight which is the source of life energy in Hindu belief (prana). The extreme idea of not eating itself is a belief as a way to lose weight, that is, not to eat and to starve you.
But in reality, this is only done by those who want to improve their religious spirituality and have absolutely nothing to do with dieting or losing weight. But even so, there are still people who do it with the aim of losing weight. And the result they experience a headache, dizziness, nausea, damage to some organs, dehydration, until death.