Especially For Glassware, These Some Tips to Pack the Right One

Typically, glassware is a thing that very difficult to packed because it could be damaged or even broken. So, you should be able to wrap it properly and appropriately so as not to get damaged. You can get all the needs to pack in Adelaide Packaging Supplies. That way, then you can do the packaging process properly and without any damaged.

For glassware, usually a shock will make the item cracked or even broken. Therefore, the cause of the broken object must be minimized properly and maximally. one way is to package the item neatly. Here are some tips on sending good and true glassware.

1. Shipments of mug or glass of shard
For shipment by a unit amount, you can pack it by using bubble wrap at least 3 times around. You also have to give glue tightly and insert into the cardboard and certainly there is no cavity between items with cardboard so it is safe in case of shocks inside the cardboard.

2. Items are frame
You can separate the glass on the frame so that is wrapped using a bubble wrap minimal 3 times around and you give the glue around the bubble wrap. or you can also coat it with Styrofoam then packing using wooden to make it safer and no damage.

3. Kirman in the form of cosmetics
The number of cosmetics packed with thin box use like eyeshadow and others make you have to be careful that the shipment is not easily damaged. You can use cardboard or bubble wrap so that the items inside are not easily damaged. Submissions of products in the form of plastic bottles such as body lotion and shampoo must be ensured that the packaging has a seal that is tightly sealed and closed and not easily open. If only one, then wrap the plastic tightly, use bubble wrap 3 times around and add a stronger packaging such as cardboard.