Clean the Home Properly!

Not only a healthy lifestyle, home hygiene also determines the quality of your life. Homes are messy and dirty at home from work is very disturbing the eyes and can also impact on health. Are you sure to skip the Planet Maids and choose to clean the home without the help of professional? For your information, the result of cleaning job will be different if you hire the right person, especially the one who has years of experience in the field. If you still want to challenge yourself, it’s important to know how clean the entire home areas isn’t a simple job. Why so? Regardless of the size of your home, the following are what you should do when it comes to the home cleaning job.

– Floor

Sweep and mop the floor regularly. Instead of using chemicals, it is better to use lemon juice or vinegar mixed with water to clean it. Thus, the floor will be sleek like a crystal.

– Bathroom

Clean the bathroom regularly. Make sure the sink and the bathroom floor are always clean and dry.

– Kitchen

Clean the food spill in the oven, replace the cleaning napkins regularly, and keep the cookware clean by keeping it in the drawer.

– Washbasin

Because it is used continuously, cleanliness of the sink must be maintained so that water does not continue in the area around the sink or appear odor. Use a solution of vinegar or lemon to remove stains and baking powder to make the sink shiny.

– Doors or glass windows

If there is a door or window of glass, you should be diligent to clean the dust that sticks to avoid looking dirty or scratched. Use a glass cleaner and paper towel to clean it.

– The yard

House hygiene is not only the inside. Clean the twigs and leaves that fall and the bushes in your yard. Do not let the garbage strewn and disturb the beauty of the yard of the house.