Avoid Some of These Mistakes In Treating Your Own Tree

Trees as things that are needed by humans should indeed be maintained very well because it will directly affect the air and oxygen to be obtained by humans. You need to know that there is an arborist who was able to treat plants and trees very well. You may want to know about the arborist world and how can they take care of the tree very well. This is because they have their own expertise to take care of all the trees.

In addition, they also know some mistakes that you often do in taking care of the tree you have. some of these errors may often you do and it’s good for you to avoid starting now.

– Excessive watering
Perhaps because of the zeal to take care of the plants, you sometimes become overreacted in providing care. One of the mistakes of caring for trees is to give water excessively. In fact, the leaves are wet and become damp will trigger the growth of parasites in plants and will provide disease in the tree. please note that you only need to water the tree and not the leaves. This is because the leaves will nourish the nutrients and water from the roots so that it does not need much water from the outside.

– Do not control it regularly
Kurnagnjya control will also make the plant condition is not good. For that, you should do a regular control of the tree. You need to checks whether there are insects that damage trees and other bad things that will harm the tree.

– Not giving fertilizer
Although the plant can grow well without fertilizer, with the presence of fertilizer is a very important role in the development of the tree. fertilizer splatter as an additional nutrient in plants. The benefits of this fertilizer are also very much, such as accelerate the growth of plants, improve production and stabilize the content of nutrients on the soil. However, you need to know that there are many types of fertilizer that you need to match with the condition of the tree you have.