Already know about the difference between financing and funding? Here’s the explanation

What do you know about financing and funding? There are some people who think they are the same thing. However,  when you looking for about these two differences, you will know that there is something that makes it so different. One company that provides financing services is Komrade, the company is engaged in the financing of vehicles, especially trucks. At Komrade, all the processes you can do will run as smoothly as possible.

And if you want to know what are the differences between them, let’s read this article:

1. Financing is the amount of money that given to an organization, and the organization should to doing a repayment. The organization is also responsible for repaying the following loans with interest. This is usually provided by a financial institution such as a bank, or non-bank such as a venture, businessman or shareholder.

2. Funding (funding), amount of money provided by the government or an organization on the basis of an agreement. In the contract, there are only certain requirements, but there is no requirement to repay the capital. Some of the most common parties in terms of funding are government or contributor.

To determine what works best for you or your business, the thing to do is pay close attention to what your urgently needs are. Whether these needs can still be overcome with a light loan or not. Or do the financing you want to do is for a vehicle? If it yes, Komrade could be the answer. With the principle of always facilitating the customer, Komrade comes to help with financial problems that include vehicles. Especially for those of you who need a truck for the needs of your business mobility, Komrade will gladly help you to complete any business related to the vehicle.