7 Predictions about Bitcoin!

Technology and venture capitalist investor James Altucher said the bitcoin will continue to grow. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency or other digital currencies will be considered to replace paper money as a currency for transactions. According to Altucher, the public has made several currency changes in history. First gold replaces barter system as a transaction tool, then paper money replaces gold as a tool of value storage. Then, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will replace the paper money as a transaction tool. However, bitcoins and some other cryptocurrencies will survive through best pcie risers for bitcoin mining. This is a tectonic shift in money and wealth that we will see in our lives. Furthermore, the following 7 predictions about the future of cryptocurrency include bitcoin!

1. There is at least one country currency that is likely to soon fail, possibly Argentina or Venezuela. This will trigger the mass adoption of bitcoin in the population, thus making its value rise over the US $ 50 thousand.

2. Despite the optimism, failure is likely to occur. 95 percent of digital currencies other than bitcoin will disappear. The value of the surviving currency will increase and this will happen within the next four to six months.

3. The United States government (US) will secretly begin to accumulate one of the cryptocurrencies to facilitate transactions in the gray area with other countries. This is starting to happen, but it will only increase in 2018.

4. One of the biggest problems with current cryptocurrency is often changeable. At least base coins are likely to decrease dramatically by 2018.

5. Just like the way the internet changed the monopoly of the mobile industry, the digital currency will change the monopoly of money made by the government.

6. A new government organization will be created to analyze cryptocurrency regulation.

7. Thousands of cryptocurrency companies will be born and floor on the stock. However, only a handful earned great success.