5 Things you should know about walking a dog

There are some things you should look at when you bring your dog for a walk. In fact, there are enough things you should know about taking your dog for a walk, such as wearing a dog leash, training his behavior, and more.

Here are some tips to take your dog out for a walk:

1. You have to get out / step out a new house followed by your dog. so the dog realizes that you are the leader. when walking well should always be you in front. However, if I bring a bunch of dogs I always let them walk first.

2. Preferably before your puppy in the vaccine should not take a walk, wait 7 days – 10 days after this first vaccine prevents it from contracting diseases that may be life-threatening and health-related.

3. choose a bridle that matches the type and condition of your dog, there are dogs that baik2 just use the rope around the neck, there is also a must use the type of harness. For chihuahua dogs, I always use the harness, because I do not want them to have trouble breathing. What if you choose to run without the leash? can – it could be as long as you believe that your dog will not escape, distracted, panic, because it is not impossible that the dog becomes panicked and even escaped and then get hit by a passing vehicle.

4. Should not be walking on the highway, besides not safe for you and your dog also consider pollution like vehicle fumes. Walking in a beautiful and comfortable residential area is a good choice. Or you can take your dog for a walk in a public place such as the beach, park, etc., In order for dogs do not get bored change your route periodically.

5. When the rain conditions, very hot or windy fast avoid walking with your beloved dog. choose when the weather is good for sunny, not rain and wind not too tight