3 Useful tips for choosing a domain

Over the last few years, I have focused on the world of web development often find clients who ask “how to choose the right domain name?” For their web that I make. It seems that this is important for us to discuss thoroughly, I hope with this paper at least helpful for those of you who are also being caught up in the confusion in choosing the right domain name. Furthermore, don’t forget to avoid the free ones, due to even the Cheap domain names can be a lot better than them.

1. Choose the domain name as simple and as short as possible to be easy to remember

It’s like when you choose a brand name for the product you’re selling. Avoid the selection of long and convoluted domain is hard to spell. Choosing a good domain name that is simple and easy in terms of pronunciation for easy to remember anyone. Like I make a web that sells special merchandise merchandise in the pin / badge field I choose this domain printyourpin.com intends when someone is willing to order pin for event or community needs then when he types in Google he will find printyourpin.com, and when they are out of my site if one day they need more they remember and know what to type in the browser address. “Want a pint message? Yes on printyourpin.com “

2. Match the domain name with your brand

In addition to choosing a simple and short domain name for easy to remember you should also choose a domain name that matches the brand of the product, you are selling. That means when people search your website, they first try to enter your business or your product name.

Some people actually think about the idea of using some generic names like shoes.com this might be a good choice, it’s just that when you search for a typical domain there is usually someone who marks the domain name and intends to sell it to the need with a very high price.

Alternatively, you can combine the name of the product you sell with your brand name. Suppose you sell towels and brand name Clara’s towel, you can choose the domain combination that is claratowel.com or you sell sandals with brand name Nita you can choose the domain name nitasandal.com

3. Avoid the selection of domains with keywords in it

This is a trend now. I just recommend not always follow the trend. I know the purpose of choosing a domain wherein the domain there are keywords that are targeted is solely for the purposes of search engine optimization in order to enter the first page of Google when people search with these keywords. For me, this is not too important, because we can still do the optimization on our website that there is no keyword in the domain. Especially research conducted SEO metrics the level of influence of a web whose domain there are keywords in it will not give much influence to the search results in 2013, as for them (there are keywords in the keyword) is still endangering first page google is because none other than content optimization in the web that has been optimized well.

I’m sure google already know this as a trick for a web can endangering the first page, and Google in the future may be taking action against such web.