2 Reasons Why You Need a Dashboard Camera

Additional technology in a car is growing. If in recent years the feature of GPS is a technology that began to be widely used in some cars, now may be the time car driver in some country began to use the camera technology in the dashboard of your car, or better known as dashcam (dashboard camera). To find out more about dash cam, you can visit vdashcam.com.

In some countries, especially in Russia, dashcam almost in every car, whether private cars or police cars. The purpose of installing such dashcam varies, ranging from to record unexpected events on the road or to record your activities while being off-road for example. However, in addition to the fun element, there are many other functions of the dashcam that is so important that you also feel the need to install a dashcam in the car. The following are some reasons for the importance of using dashcam.

1. Blackmailing using ‘Accident’ Reason

The main argument placing dashcam is to record the occurrence of accidents that take place in front of your car, especially involving your car. The recordings inside the dashcam can be proof to ascertain which side is wrong. Dashcam will be very useful to prevent some people who want to blackmail you with the argument of your car nudging another vehicle, especially motorcycle, or there is a car in front of you who suddenly back down and blame you, then ask money for compensation. You can use recording evidence to report the person to the police station.

2. Evidence for Car Insurance

If your car is covered by car insurance, the presence of dashcam will greatly help you in making a claim when the accident occurred. As you know, when you make a claim, the insurer first do an investigation into the field to know you are actually an accident and you are not the wrong party. With the dashcam, you just give the tape until the insurance company does not need to bother doing the investigation.